Consciously Coupling

Many people experience dissatisfaction in their relationships at one point or another. You and your partner(s) can join us for support and a workshop, where we’ll talk about aspects of healthy relationships like communication and conflict styles, love languages, and sexual relationships. We’ll strategize with you to strengthen your relationship(s) and help you develop collaboration, equity, and longevity.

To sign up for this wonderful opportunity, speak with your existing CAPS provider, or complete the CAPS Phone Request form and specify “Consciously Coupling” in the “Other” fillable field. You will be contacted by a CAPS representative to complete an appointment to discuss your request.

Note: Only one of the people in the relationship must be an MSU student to qualify for this free service; however, all members of the relationship dynamic in attendance must be physically located in the state of Michigan.

Thursdays 2:30- 4 p.m.
Jan. 28- Feb. 18

Facilitators: Jessica Mitchell-Corsino, PsyD, LP & Gail Anderson, PsyD, LP 


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Participation in CAPS programs is not restricted based on sex or race. All MSU students are welcome to participate based on the clinical recommendations of CAPS staff.