Gender Identity and Attractionality (GIAA) Grad

This support group for graduate students addresses life and relational issues related to romantic and sexual attraction, sexual orientation, and gender identity, particularly for LGBTQ+ (including questioning) students.

Topics are based on student interests and could include exploring identity and identity development, trust and connections, dealing with heterosexism, cissexism, internalized homophobia or transphobia, dating and dating technology, attraction and romance; family dynamics, faith, and identity, balancing academics with life, and intersectional identities.

Wednesdays 2–3:30 p.m.
Sept. 15–Nov. 17
Status: Virtual

Facilitators: Ginny Blakely, LMSW

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Participation in CAPS programs is not restricted based on sex or race. All MSU students are welcome to participate based on the clinical recommendations of CAPS staff.