What is a crisis or emergency situation?

These signs can help determine if you or someone you know is in crisis, or needs urgent attention. When in doubt, make the call for help.

  • Suicidal thoughts, intent, plan, and/or other risks of harm to yourself
  • Homicidal thoughts, intent, plan, and/or other risks of harm to others.
  • A traumatic event occurred recently (e.g., a crime, natural disaster, sexual or physical assault).
  • Someone close to you has recently died.
  • Perceptual disturbances such as hearing things or seeing things that others do not hear or see.
  • Feeling persistently unsafe, a sense of impending doom or danger, or that something or someone wants to hurt you or is out to get you.
  • Currently living without food, clothing, and/or shelter.
  • Unable to care for yourself, such as not eating or sleeping for several days. 
  • Having withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol (call 911 for medical assistance).
  • Experiencing uncontrollable panic and unable to calm down. 

24/7 virtual crisis counseling is available. Students can call CAPS at (517) 355-8270 and press “1” at the prompt to speak with a crisis counselor anytime.

If you believe your life is in imminent danger and you cannot keep yourself safe, or you or someone else has decided to seriously harm or kill yourself/themselves or someone else, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room, if it is safe to do so. The nearest Emergency Room to MSU East Lansing campus: Sparrow Hospital, 1215 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing MI 48912. Phone: (517) 364-1000.