Psychiatry Services

Primary care and psychiatry work together to provide medical services for a wide range of mental health concerns including:

  • Mood and anxiety disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Alcohol/substance use disorders
  • Psychosis

These services include evaluation and treatment, including prescribing medication, lab orders, and referral to other professionals (e.g., counselors, dieticians and other medical specialists) or more intensive programs.

To access psychiatry services, schedule a consultation here. During the consultation, we'll discuss your needs and help you get connected with available resources.

The first three psychiatry appointments are prepaid by the University for enrolled MSU students. This does not apply to MSU Law or Lifelong Ed students. After the three covered visits, charges are billed to insurance and any remaining balance is billed to the student. Please check with your insurance company to confirm your mental health coverage.

We do not want any student to go without service because of concerns about cost. If this is a concern, an appointment with a social worker can be made to discuss solutions.



MSU CAPS is offering limited psychiatric appointments via telepsychiatry. Providers are located off-campus and students will attend appointments by checking in at the CAPS Union location on the third floor of the MSU Student Union building.

The appointment will take place in a private exam room, via confidential videoconferencing, following the same HIPAA privacy guidelines as in-person appointments. Students who choose this option should be comfortable with communicating via videoconferencing and may have a medical assistant in the room for part of the appointment to assist with any physical exam components such as observing gait/tremor/etc., as well as facilitating the use of videoconferencing equipment.

Students who choose a telehealth provider will have the same access to services and treatment options as those with traditional psychiatric appointments. Off-site providers will communicate and collaborate with other MSU CAPS providers in real-time. If a student opts for telehealthcare and student or provider determines that in-person care is a better fit, the student will have the option of transferring to an on-site MSU CAPS psychiatric provider or another provider within Student Health & Wellness or in the community.


24-hour notice is requested for all cancellations. Following the initial consultation, there is a fee if an appointment is missed without advance notice. To cancel your appointment, call (517) 355-8270.