Can Counseling Services help me?

The college years are a time when many students begin to sort out their values and figure out who they are. It is not uncommon for students to question their sexual orientation and/or gender identity and explore how to integrate these with the rest of their life. Counseling Services can be of assistance to you if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • You are questioning your sexual orientation, gender identity, attractionality, and/or relationship styles.
  • You are exploring “coming out” to peers, professors, family or friends and feel like you could use some help figuring things out.
  • You are an LBGTQ+ person of color and are experiencing multiple forms of oppression.
  • You feel at odds with society’s gender roles and messages.
  • You are experiencing tension and/or harassment due to someone’s reaction to your sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • You are trying to accept/understand another’s sexual orientation and need to talk to someone who is open and nonjudgmental.
  • You have LBGTQ+ parent(s) and are concerned about developing relationships with people who will be open and accepting of your family’s diversity.
  • You are completely comfortable with your orientation and expecting a counselor who is equally comfortable.

 How Do I Know It’s Safe?

  • The services provided by CAPS are confidential. What you choose to share with your counselor is protected by law.
  • CAPS has made a commitment to providing sensitive, quality service to the multicultural student community.
  • Counselors are open and non-judgmental about sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Counselors work from a multicultural perspective.
  • CAPS actively supports the University’s non-discrimination policy which includes sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.
  • CAPS is involved in many initiatives on campus that are seeking to transform the MSU climate, making it a safer place for openly LBGTQ+ students.

Looking for Information Regarding Gender Affirming and HRT Services?

Follow this link:  Trans Services


MSU Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Resource Center 
Contact: Jesse Beal, Director
302 Student Services Building
(517) 353-9520