Services for Students Studying Remotely

If you are an enrolled MSU student taking classes online or abroad, or at a campus location other than East Lansing, here are some resources and services that are available for you:

  • CAPS Crisis Line (24/7/365): Students can call us at (517) 355-8270 and press “1” at the prompt to speak with a crisis counselor.

  • Referral Assistance is available. CAPS offers over-the-phone and virtual appointments to help connect students with counseling and psychiatric resources in their local community. To schedule an appointment, call (517) 355-8270 and ask to be connected with a referral specialist.

  • Psych Hub has an online video library covering many common mental health topics

  • There are several things you can try to relieve anxiety and stress for the short-term. See what works for you: What You Can Do Now
  • Take an online assessment. Online mental health screenings can help you understand the issues or concerns that you're experiencing.
  • International SOS emotional support services are available to education abroad participants and anyone traveling on MSU-sponsored international travel. Contact the International SOS 24/7 Assistance Center (+1-215-942-8478 or through their phone app) to connect with virtual counseling and psychological support in several different languages. More information is available on the MSU Global Safety website.