MA Application & Selection

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and interviews will begin in late February. Trainee selections will be made by early April. However, if you have special circumstances that necessitate a review of your application within a specific time frame, we will try to accommodate your request.

Required application materials include:

  1. Letter of interest
  2. Resume
  3. Statement from a faculty member verifying that the applicant is in “good academic standing” and “ready” to participate in training.

Applications must be emailed to Mollie Delzeith, MA, LPC, master's internship and practicum coordinator, at

Selection decisions are based on the center’s available resources (i.e., supervisors, space) and the degree to which our training program has the capacity to meet the needs of the applicant.  Applicants who demonstrate a commitment to the population we serve (i.e., diverse young adults) are preferred. All trainees offered a position must pass a background check (MSU pays this cost) prior to beginning training.