MA Training Opportunities

Psychotherapy Integration

  • Conceptualizing clients from different perspectives.
  • Recognizing how different approaches can result in equally valid viewpoints.
  • Learning about evidence based practice.
  • Appreciating the contributions of interdisciplinary team members.

Therapeutic Style

  • Recognizing one’s own personal preferences and strengths (assimilative integration).
  • Understanding the role of personality, self-disclosure, and humor in developing therapeutic relationships.
  • Knowing when to cultivate the relationship and when to apply formal psychotherapeutic techniques.
  • Working fluidly with emergent client issues.

Weekly Schedule

The MSU CAPS internship or practicum weekly schedule will consist of 16–24 hours and should include the following components:

  • Direct Service
    • Individual Client hours
    • Community Interventions
    • Group hours
  • Supervision and Training
    • Individual Clinical Supervision hours
    • Group Supervision hours
    • Internship Seminar hours
  • Other Training Opportunities
    • Meetings and Special Projects
    • Documentation and Communication hours

Supervision and Training

The MSU CAPS Internship attempts to provide a balance of challenge and support. You will meet weekly with an individual clinical supervisor, who may be a senior staff member, or a full-time doctoral health service psychology intern. Your supervision is closely monitored by the Training Coordinator and Training Director.  Formative and summative evaluation points are built into the training program.

Other Requirements


Trainees are required to record all of their clinical sessions. Therefore, you will only be assigned clients who consent to a recording of their sessions. The recording is necessary to facilitate supervision and ensure high-quality services. The more you review your own sessions and use them in supervision, the more you will grow as a clinician.

Professional & Ethical Conduct

You are expected to behave professionally and ethically at all times. It is expected that you will abide by the code put forward by your professional group (e.g., NASW or ACA) and adhere to the policies and procedures of the center.