Training/Outreach Programs

This information and resource section of the MSU CAPS website was created to assist MSU faculty and staff to identify and access support resources, workshops, and training to more effectively deal with classroom situations.

Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) offers a variety of programming and consultation activities in which Counseling staff members are involved in awareness, education, prevention, and collaboration by providing informational services, workshops, campus-wide programming, consultation and student peer support among other ways of engaging our community.

Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives offers workshops, seminars, and training related to diversity and inclusion.

Prevention, Outreach and Education Office (POE) offers training for departments, campus groups, and other university units on topics related to supporting survivors, harassment, sexual misconduct, relationship goals, mandatory reporting, and other issues..

MSU Safe Place offers programs to anyone who wants to learn more about relationship violence and stalking, including, students, faculty, staff, and MSU and community organizations.

Transforming Theatre Ensemble offers a workshop focused on faculty who have students with mental health issues. As we work to keep all students safe, we must also acknowledge that faculty often aren't prepared for these situations, and it can take an emotional toll. This workshop offers the opportunity to talk through resources for students, but it also gives space for discussing resources for faculty and paths to self-care.

MSU Trauma Services and Training Network (TSTN) offers resources and learning opportunities to better understand, communicate and adress the impact of trauma at MSU and in the broader mid-Michigan community. The network strives to collaborate across disciplines to care for trauma survivors through the development of trauma-informed, evidence-based education, training and service.