Post-Doctoral Residency/Post-Internship Clinical Fellowship


MSU CAPS at its core is a training center where we are committed to helping to develop the next generation of mental health clinicians. The heart of the MSU CAPS training program are the values and principles of multiculturalism and social justice; looking at the influence of systems, honoring individual experiences, and cultivating the attitude of multiple ways of knowing. We also assert that evidence-based practices in psychology are important and we honor the flexibility inherent in the APA’s (2006) definition of evidence-based practices in psychology: Best available research; Clinical expertise; Patient Characteristics, Culture, and Preferences. Our view of evidence-based practice in psychology is not a rigid one, we believe in the expanded view of evidence and emphasize the value of evidenced-based psychotherapy relationships. We encourage trainees to provide multiculturally sound, culturally adapted, and individually responsive psychotherapeutic interventions.

We believe that part of being an early career psychologist includes building upon and refining the skills developed in previous training as well as a time to develop specific areas of expertise and we have fashioned our fellowship/residency to reflect this. Our training is grounded in strong multiculturally-informed generalist practice and an opportunity to gain focused training and experience in a concentration area you select which will persist for the whole training year. We aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment to train, one that is both intellectually stimulating and professionally engaging. If the MSU CAPS fellowship/Residency program feels like a good fit for your next professional goals, we encourage you to apply!  If you have any further questions about MSU CAPS or the Fellowship/Residency training program, please feel free to reach out.


Dukhae Sung, PhD
Post-Doctoral Residency Coodinator

Josh Turchan, PhD
Training Director