Service Delivery/Sample Schedule

Post-Internship Fellows/Post-doctoral Residents are expected to complete about 60% of their weekly experiential training in the provision of direct services. The remainder of the time is spent on training and administrative functions. 

Direct Service: (60%: 24 hours)

Screening/Triage 5 hours
Group Counseling 1.5 hours
Individual/Relationship Counseling 13 hours
Concentration-Specific Clinical Duties 4.5 hours (e.g., providing long-term individual counseling in concentration area, CAPS Connect, IP group facilitation)

Indirect Service: (40%: 16 hours)

Receiving supervision from primary clinical supervisor 2 hours
Receiving supervision/mentorship from concentration-area supervisor 1 hour
  • Culturally Competent and Radical Responsive Seminar (CCARRS): 1.5 hours

  • Cultural Adaptation of EBPP: 1 hour (biweekly)
Staff meetings & interdisciplinary treatment team 2 hours
Documentation time 5 hours
EPPP/Dissertation time 2 hours
Concentration-specific indirect service 1.5 hours (e.g., outreach engagement, providing supervision, shadowing upper administrator)