Identity Groups

Identity groups can be similar to psychotherapy and support groups in terms of group membership and participation but differ in terms of focus. Identity groups are focused on shared social identities that group members possess, such as race, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, and others, both as unique individuals and as members of a collective identity population. The identity statuses that members bring to the group often share experiences of being marginalized in a world that is made for more dominant identities. These groups require a group screening and consistent attendance is encouraged.
  • Academic Stress Reduction for A/APIDA Identified Women

    This support group aims to build a safe and comfortable space for undergraduate and graduate students, particularly Asian or Asian-American women. Group members will learn to reduce their stress and make peace with themselves and their families. Group discussion topics could include academic pressure, family-related anxiety, perfectionism and dealing with guilt and shame.     


    Fridays, 10:00–11:00 a.m.  

    Status: Virtual

    Group Begins September 22 

    Facilitator:Dukhae Sung, PhD, LP 

  • Beyond the Binary 

    Looking for peer support in regard to gender identity, sexuality, relationships, or even supportive and affirming friendships? 

    This gender identity spectrum support group is a safe, supportive space for undergraduate and graduate students who are exploring or identify as transgender, gender-fluid, non-binary or gender-nonconforming. 

    Potential topics of discussion include challenges of coming out to self and others, identity development, limitations of labels, negotiating gendered environments, identity-affirming relationships, coping with minority stress and gender binary norms, accessing supportive health and social services, aspects of transitioning process and adjustment to social identity, family dynamics and impacts on wellness, needs and impact of being closeted and being TGNB at MSU.   


    Thursdays, 3:30–5 p.m. 

    Status: Virtual

    Group Begins September 21 

    Facilitators: Ginny Blakely, LMSW & Caroline Callaway, MA 

  • Black Women's Group
    We’ll use a non-traditional group approach, which aims to incorporate essential elements of African American culture.
    Our goal is to help undergraduate and graduate students to move toward self-healing through collective sharing around multi-media stimuli. Topics are determined by the group, but could include imposter syndrome, self-esteem, relationship concerns, academic stress, family conflict, being an African American woman at a predominantly white institution, life transitions, body image concerns, stereotypes and more.
    Screening is required.

    Tuesdays,1–2:00 p.m.  

    Status: (In person) 

    Group Begins September 19

    Facilitator: Markie Silverman, PhD, LP  & Ciera Lewis


  • Empower U
    Empower U is a virtual space for LGBTQIA+ undergraduate and graduate students to support and empower one another, particularly LGBTQIA+ students of color. Some discussion themes include relationships, self and community care, values exploration, intersectionality, self-compassion, family dynamics, navigating cultural expectations and building resilience.

    Group screening is required. Schedule a phone screening at State your interest in this group during that call. If you have questions, email Olivia at

    Fridays, 1–2:30 p.m.
    Group Begins September 22

    Status: Virtual
    Facilitators: Olivia Scott, PhD, LP  


  • Gender Identity and Attractionality  (GIAA)
    This support group for undergrad and graduate students addresses life and relational issues related to romantic and sexual attraction, sexual orientation and gender identity, particularly for LGBTQ+ (including questioning).
    Topics are based on student interests and could include exploring identity and identity development, trust and connections, dealing with heterosexism, cissexism, internalized homophobia or transphobia, dating and dating technology, attraction and romance; family dynamics, faith and identity, balancing academics with life, and intersectional identities.

    Tuesdays, 2:30–4 p.m. (For undergrad students) 

    Status: In Person

    Facilitator: Victor Leon, LMSW & Ciera Lewis, PhD 


    Wednesdays 2- 3:30 pm (For grad students) 

    Status: Virtual

    Facilitator: Ginny Blakely, LMSW 


    Groups Begin September 19

  • Latino/e Wellness and Connections  

    Navigating life, relationships and school can be overwhelming. This group offers a supportive space for Latine graduate and undergraduate students. This group will address experiences as it relates to stress, intersectionality, boundaries, connections, imposterism, navigating a PWI, family dynamics, transitional challenges and overall balance of mental wellness. Students are encouraged to freely express their emotions and connect with each other as a means of support. This space is about supporting and empowering one another through shared experiences.  


    Thursdays, 4–5 p.m.  

    Status: In Person 

    Group Begins September 21       

    Facilitators: Jessica Oyoque-Barron, LMSW & Maria Sanchez, MA