Support Groups

Support Groups focus on building community and connecting over shared identities or experiences. Students who are seeking validation, a space to process difficult experiences or feelings of isolation, or who want to learn how to cope via different perspectives may benefit from this type of group. These groups require a group screening and consistent attendance is encouraged.

  • Bipolar Support Group  

    Connect with other students who have a bipolar diagnosis and are facing similar challenges and questions. The group is a place to talk about difficult topics like stigma, medications and symptoms related to a mood disorder. Open to both undergraduate and graduate students of all genders. 


    Fridays 3–4:30 p.m.  
    Status: In Person 
    Facilitator:Sarah De Young, LMSW 

    Group Begins September 22nd, 2023  

  • Body Image & Eating Concerns Support Group
    Group closed
    Concerned about your looks and food? Can’t find others to connect with? This is an excellent opportunity to share, hear others, be heard and receive validation and support on your journey to feeling good through cultivating self-compassion.
    Group screening required.

    Tuesdays, 4–5 p.m.

    Status: In-person
    Facilitator: Basak Khamush, PhD, LP & Zari Carpenter, MA 

    Group Begins September 19


  • Creatively Constrained: ADHD Support, Skills, and Resources
    Being a college student in today’s world can be challenging. If you’re also managing attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms, it can be even more difficult!
    This group uses the structure of cognitive behavioral therapy to address the challenges that college students diagnosed with ADHD experience. As a group, we’ll work to develop skills and address behaviors related to inattention, forgetfulness, trouble sustaining attention, fidgeting, interrupting others, difficulties with organization and time management. The group is open to undergraduate and graduate students who have been diagnosed with ADHD.
    Fridays, 2–3:30 p.m.
    Group Begins September 22
    Status: In-person

    Facilitator: Abby Baerman, LMSWChasma Mathis, Psy.D., LP


  • Graduate Student Support Group
    This is a supportive space where graduate students can gather, share and empower one another through shared experiences. Themes for this group explore key stressors as they relate to graduate studies, purpose, sense of belonging, “creative differences” with your advisor, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, challenges with completing dissertation or thesis and impacts related to diet, sleep and emotional well-being. Whatever your concerns, we can listen, offer support or help you come up with strategies to make the most of your time in grad school.
    Group screening is required to join. You can still join after the start date.

    Fridays 10-11 a.m.
    Group Begin September 22

    Status: Virtual

    Facilitators: Jessica Oyoque-Barron, LMSW & Ciera Lewis, PhD 


  • Grief Group

    Have you experienced the loss of a loved one?  Modern cultures usually do a poor job of preparing us for loss. Grief is messy and not a linear process. Few know how to think about grief or how we might be able to help ourselves and others. Grief support groups are a helpful way to learn about the grieving process and how it affects all areas of our lives. Grief groups can also connect us with others who have experienced a similar loss, making us feel less lonely, and normalizing the experience 

    of grief. To learn more or to schedule a pre-screen, contact Abigail Waller at 


    Wednesdays, 3– 4 p.m.  

    Status: In Person 

    Group Begins September 20

    Facilitators:Abigail Waller, LMSW & Ashley Seelye  

  • International Students Support Group 

    The novel coronavirus outbreak has significantly affected many families and students on a global scale. With the “travel ban” or visa restriction that has been issued, some MSU students were unable to return to school or home and are feeling isolated and unable to connect. 

    In response to instances of international students being the target of xenophobia on campus, we are providing a supportive space for students to connect, share and support each other, particularly international students. 


    Mondays, 4–5 p.m.  

    Status: In Person

    Group Begins September 18   

    Facilitator:Zen Zhong, LLPC  

  • Living With Chronic Illness 

    Do you live with a chronic, physical illness like diabetes, asthma, Crohn’s, or fibromyalgia? Have you felt angry, frustrated or isolated because of your condition? These feelings are all common. You don’t have to navigate this journey alone.  

    This group is a safe, non-judgmental space to share about your individual experiences, symptom management and how to navigate challenges that you might encounter as a college student. 


    Thursdays,  3– 4 p.m.  

    Status: Virtual

    Group Begins September 21st, 2023   

    Facilitators: Caitlin Riley, LMSW & Aniko Varga, MA 

  • Resident Assistant (RA) Support Group 

    This support group is open to any RA looking to connect with their peers with the facilitation of a CAPS counselor. Discussion topics could include general stress, balancing the RA role with academics and other activities, and debriefing about individual experiences.  


    Fridays 1-2 p.m.  

    Status: In Person 

    Group Begins September 22

    Facilitators: Sarah Fay-Koutz, LMSW & Alexis Kirk 

  • THIS IS TOUGH…Exploring the First Generation College Student Experience

    This space is about supporting and empowering one another through shared experiences. Topics could include transition, family, relationship dynamics, exploring values and identity, navigating cultural expectations and building community. This group is for undergraduate students only. 

    Thursdays, 2–3 p.m.
    Group Begins September 21
    Status: In-person

    Facilitators: Chasma Mathis, Psy.D., LP & Jacob Kellenberger


  • Wellness Wednesdays

    This skills-based support group is designed for students who are new to the university, having difficulty adjusting to their new campus life, looking for peers interested in improving their overall well-being and discussing mental health topics, and new students looking to gain concrete skills for managing some of the challenges we face in daily life in relation to our general outlook on life. 

    Wednesdays 4-5 p.m.
    Group Begins September 18
    Status: In person 
    Facilitators: Courtney Brown, LMSW & Sarah Fay-Koutz, LMSW